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Egerton Preschool want to ensure that children have a variety of topics that are covered during their stay with us. Music is a vital part of a child’s learning and we have the pleasure of having an experienced music teacher Mrs Crossley Roberts who spends time with the children introducing them to new musical instruments and following our topics and themes with creative new songs.

Christmas 2019 brought lots of joy to the PreSchool as we hosted our first Nativity musical performance. All the songs were written and produced by Mrs Crossley-Robert’s daughter, of whom we supported towards her University Music Degree. We had a fabulous audience, amongst them were friends, family and the village community. There were real life animals taking part, amazing costumes provided by the parents and a number of different songs that were sung beautifully by the children that made it even more unique and special for us. This is just one example of the commitment our teachers have towards our children here.